How to Design Solar Powered Inverter?

It is estimated that by 2050 the population rate is going to explode and by then our energy needs will also skyrocket. How we are going to satisfy our energy needs. We will have to burn a lot of fossil fuels.

But burning fossil fuels is said to be the reason behind Global warming and then climate change. We have to move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, etc.

I’m taking this chance to thank each and every inventor who played a significant part in the Renewable energy industry with their contributions. Sharing this post will be a tribute to them. Let’s do it now.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to design a home solar power system by yourself. We will discuss in detail about the things you need, how to calculate the ratings of the components. How to connect them together. You need to design and install a home solar power system for your house or office.

Main Components of a Home Solar Power System

1. Solar Panel
2. Charge controller
3. Battery
4. Inverter

What Is a Solar Panel Module?

A solar panel is a set of solar cells made of silicon to absorb solar energy and convert to electricity. Solar panels can be classified on the basis of structure and wattage. You have to calculate the wattage of the solar-based on the Power consumption Of your property.

What is a Charge Controller?

A charge controller is an electronic device that is used to protect the battery from overcharging, over-discharging thereby increasing battery life. Different types of charge controllers are available in the market.

What is the Battery?

The battery is used to store the solar energy in the chemical form so that we can use it when solar energy is unavailable. Different types of batteries are available in the market. A deep cycle solar battery is best suited because they are affordable. Lithium-Ion batteries are expensive but they are the best performing one.

What is an Inverter?

The battery output is DC (direct current).
An Inverter is used to convert that DC to 230 v AC which is the ideal input of the home appliances. We will have to calculate the wattage of the inverter. We will do it later.

How to calculate power Requirements of Your Property?

For example, I’m going to calculate the energy need of my office per day if there’s no power from the grid. I have to use my 50W laptop for 4 hrs and an 8W Led light, 8W Mobile Charger for 10 hrs.

Then Power Consumption will be

                                 = (50 * 4) + (16*10) 

                                 = 360 Wh

How to Calculate the Ah of the Battery?

Rating of the battery = Power Needed / voltage of the battery

                                 = 360 Wh / 12 V
                                 = 30 Ah

Considering we are not going to completely discharge the battery, add an extra 10 Ah to the battery. Then we’ll get 40 Ah.

How to calculate the wattage of this the Solar Panel?

The wattage of the solar panel can be calculated by dividing Ah of the battery with Peak Solar hours. Then Multiply it with the voltage of the battery. PSH or peak solar hours is total hours of peak solar radiation (1000 W / 1M^2).

                                   =(Ah of battery / PSH) * Voltage

We have to replace 30 Ah of the battery. So,

                                   =( 30 Ah / 5 h ) * 12 = 72 W

There will be System losses.

              72 W / 0.65 ~= 100 W

A solar panel with 100 W can charge 30 Ah battery in 5 hrs.

Rating of battery and Inverter

A 100 W solar panel can give a maximum of 5 A current. So a 5 A charge controller is enough for this system. And when it comes to inverter 50/300/500 W one will do the trick.

How to Connects Them together?

Refer to the Diagram Below

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