Hi, I’m Aromal. I love creating powerful projects and shoot videos. Professionally I’m a YouTuber. Here I write about my journey from a Brocken family to a purpose driven, passion driven life… You can find my thoughts in motivation, life purpose, green power, learning English, climate change and science projects here.

My Life Motto: Do What you Love to Do. Focus and follow your passion. Success will follow.

It’s not just a DIY blog. It’s my passion. I’m really passionate about Physics, Energy, and Renewable energy. You can read DIY guides to make different stuff and experiments in Physics and Renewable energy.
Why I love Physics? Since my childhood, I was very worried about “CLIMATE CHANGE” and its impacts on Humanity after reading a featured story in a local newspaper.
I didn’t really know what does it mean at that time. Later when I was studying in my tenth standard, I got a golden opportunity to read a book about climate change.
Since then I have been thinking reading and sharing information about climate change, its impacts, how to stop it. It Doesn’t matter if the term Climate change is exaggerated or not. I believe, climate change and energy scarcity are the bravest challenges that we are going to face in near future. And I’m sure that Physics and Renewable energy can definitely solve this crisis. Yes!
Now, You may be thinking, what is the relation between a DIY blog and climate change. There is. This blog is owned by a Climate lover (me). A new website to address the impacts of climate change and remedies to restore the nature is under construction. This is not just a DIY blog. If you look at my DIY guides carefully, you can realise my passion, my love towards Energy and physics.
I post weekly on this blog. If you couldn’t find new DIY guide a week. Don’t worry. It means I’m still working on that project. So, Subscribe to New Physicist for more powerfull Projects. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel new physicist