How To Attract Money Wealth and Abundance? Tip:1 Start Giving

Welcome to New Physicist, the No.1 destination for tips to live a successful life. Today I have a short story to share with You. One day a poor man asked Buddha, why Am I so poor? Buddha replied calmly, You are not giving anything to the humanity, society or the universe. The poor man said, “But I got nothing to Give. Then How can I give?

Buddha smiled and said to the man, “You have things to give. Not less at all. You can smile with your face and it’ll reflect on other’s face also, speak kind words, motivate and encourage people. Open your heart with sincerity, truthfulness, and kindness. You can Look at people with kindness, compassion, and confidence. They will also feel confident. You can use your healthy body to help others. See, you are not poor at all.When you start giving you will definitely feel getting richness.”

Believe me, There is abundance around you. It is waiting to enter your life. All you need to do is this. Open The door and start giving what you have or what you can to the universe. The universe will treat you with the richness and abundance.

What did you understand from this story?

You won’t get anything just by sitting at your back.You have to give something to the universe. It can be a service, motivating people, giving confidence, selling a product. Whatever it is you have to give something to the universe. The more people benefit from it, the more you will get in return. How much you get depends on how much value you provide to the universe.

This can be better understood by a simple example. Suppose, You have created a new product. It may be a book, an electronic item or a food product. Whatever it is you will not benefit unless you sell it, right?  You will get money when someone buys it. If your product is valuable, more people will buy it and you will get more money. The more product you sell more money you will get. This is how the universe works.

Attract Money and Wealth By Giving Value

Quality and quantity of what you give determine the quality and quantity of what you get in return from the universe. So, keep in mind that You have to create and serve valuable products in order to get wealth and prosperity enter your life.

Winston Churchill once said,

“We make a living by what we get, and we make a life by what we give!”

Have a Great Day. May wealth and prosperity enter your Life. Bookmark this page for Everyday tips for living a successful and purposeful life.

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