The Word Climate Climate Change Is Incorrect. Why?

by New Physicist on

You may already know the phrases such as global warming, climate change. Obviously I do believe human activities are the main reason behind climate change to an extent. The recent increase in rate of climate change is definitely the result of our exploitation of mother planet.

But just speaking about it doesn’t yield any good. We need to take actions. That’s why I paid attention to climate change deniers. I hate to use this word, climate change. It’s kind of negative thing to me. Thinking about negative things will attract negative things to your life, says law of attraction.

That’s why I stoped thinking and talking about the dangerous impacts of climate change on man kind, terms such as climate refugees, extinction of mankind, sinking of planet. Instead I took a positive approach.

Instead of talking about the dangers of climate change, I started to think about the actionable things that we can do to protect our mother planet. And that lead to the route cause of climate change. You know what? Our need for energy is the reason why we burn fossil fuels, which leads to the emission of carbon dioxide which is said to be the main reason behind global warming and climate change.

What ever, simply shifting our energy reliance from fossil fuels to new & renewable energy sources will have tremendous impact on the rate of climate change. I said rate of climate change not climate change, since there’s nothing in this world without change. Remember that.

This thought motivated me to create this company new physicist media private limited to create projects and to talk about potential technologies that can replace fossil fuels and power the future. We owe to gift this planet as it is or in a better condition to the next generation. Am I right or not? I know you have a lot of things going on in your mind. Just open your heart and discuss about it. Use the comment box below and become a part of this movement.

Written by: New Physicist

Aromal Karuvath (New Physicist) is a Renewable energy enthusiast, DIY project maker, Traveller, Crazy Reader, Thinker.. Love to wander around the world.. He has a Dream "100% renewably powered planet Earth.

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