Experiment to Prove Global Warming Is Dangerous Than We Think

Is Climate change real? Many people believe that Climate change is natural and it is inevitable in the universe. It is true in that sense. But what is your opinion about human-caused Global warming and Climate change? Do you believe everything humans do is important? Nupe. That’s why I am here to show you a simple experiment to prove climate change is real and the hidden dangers of global warming.

The experiment

Take a beaker full of cold water and put a few ice cubes into it. I say cold water because the ice cubes won’t melt immediately in cold water. Then get a thermometer and put it in the beaker. Measure the temperature and note it down on a piece of paper. Certainly,  it would be zero degrees Celsius. Next is the most interesting part.

Beaker and Ice

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Use a burner or heater to heat the beaker. Be careful when handling fire. Take necessary precautions while doing experiments. Note down the rise in temperature of water in every 10 seconds. You have to continue this process until the water temperature reaches 50 degrees Celcius. Then the experiment is over.

Data Processing

Now we have a data and we have to process it. Before that, I have to reveal a secret. The beaker, water, and ice-cubes are actually symbols of Earth, atmosphere, and Polar icecaps respectively. By measuring the temperature of the water we are symbolically measuring the temperature of the atmosphere. Besides, The external heat we applied is a symbol of global warming.


Now carefully analyze the hidden idea behind this graphical representation. As you can see, the water temperature didn’t increase significantly until a critical point where there were no ice cubes left. Which means the ice cubes kept the water from overheating by absorbing the heat and melting itself. When the whole ice cubes melted the water temperature will start to rise exponentially.


Let’s compare this experiment with the real scenario. You know what, the polar ice cape is what kept the Earth from getting overheating by melting itself.

Proof1: Total volume of ice in polar regions are decreasing at an alarming rate.

A scientist’s response to Antarctic ice loss: ‘We can act.’

Proof2: Geologists reported a massive increase in sea level in recent years.

Internet access could be threatened by rising sea levels in as little as 15 years

What all these information pointing out is that we are in a transition state and we are heading towards a critical point as in the graph where there is no or little ice left.

If such a scenario arises atmospheric temperature will rise exponentially and indeed it will be the end of life on planet Earth. The Earth will no longer be habitable. But, you know what I’m a positive guy I am not interested in spreading fear or hate. Let’s look at the positive side. What can we do about it? The only answer that I have in my mind is reducing fossil fuel reliance and promote new and renewable sources of energy. That way we can restore the damages that happened to the planet so far. But it’s the right time to do.

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Featured Image Credit: Global Warming. The Earth became the newest Waterworld on Flickr

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