Most Wanted Goal Setting Guide to Achieve Real Success

Have you ever set any goals in your Life? Today, I’m here to discuss the importance of goal setting in your life and how to achieve anything that you want in your life. Setting goal is very crucial to your life’s success. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on and improve. When there is a Target, people feel driven to meet it.

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A goal can be for a career, for your relationships, and for financial and self-growth. It doesn’t matter, Ask yourself these three questions, what specifically do I want? Why do I want this? When do I want this?
Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? I Would, however, bet that in most cases these three questions weren’t answered. And that is the first of many reasons why a goal isn’t achieved. Having a reason to achieve a goal will generate enough motivation to get out of bed in the morning and pursue your goal enthusiastically.
Have you ever heard about the law of attraction, visualization, and manifestation? Of course, setting goals are the first step towards manifesting what do you want in your life. Writing them down forces you to visualize your goals and it creates a commitment on your side.

Here are some Goal Setting  Best Practices


Decide specifically what it is you want. Keep in mind, that your passions and interests play an important role in your life’s success. Realize your passions first and Identify as your goals you want to accomplish this year. The goal should be very specific, focused and measurable. If you want a job what kind of job you want? If you want to make more money, how much money you want? If you want to move into another job, what are the characteristics of that job? Having too many goals leads to confusion and difficulty in prioritizing too many distinct tasks. The more measurable a goal is the easier it is to design a plan to achieve it and track its success.


Maksim Gorky once said, ” The higher goal a person pursues, the quicker his ability develops, and the more beneficial he will become to the society.” Keep in mind that, a person’s reach should exceed one’s grasp. In other words set goals that will be challenging to reach. A challenging Goal will help you make the necessary mental shifts required to generate the momentum you need to achieve your Goal.


Your goal must be believable to you. You must feel that the goal can be realized. If you believe it’s nearly impossible to achieve this goal, your subconscious mind can’t find methods to achieve your goal, and you’ll never take action necessary to make the goal a reality. You can even become the president of  United States of America, if you believe it can be achieved.

Write Down

Write down your goals in present tense. For example, I have a well-paying job. I know three languages. I am the President of USA. Write down your goals in a book. Your subconscious mind has an unbelievable power to manifest anything. Writing down your goals will do the trick. What I want you to do is this. Keep a goal book. Write down your goals in a precise and positive statement. The best goals are fully defined visions of how you want things to be. Instead of just writing down, use images. Express your goals in an interesting way. You can make it attractive and eye-catching by using images and colors. This is what I drew to achieve my Learning English Goal.

Put a deadline and Identify Obstacles

Don’t forget to put a deadline to achieve your goal. Setting a deadline will generate a feeling of urgency in your daily actions to take the steps necessary to bring this goal to success. If you skip this step you may not get the desired results. After putting a deadline, you have to figure out potential obstacles. Obstacles,  of course can  come in many forms, including people, events, circumstances, fears, limiting beliefs, lack of experience or knowledge. Create a blueprint in your head, how to manage them. Then you will not get stuck when such obstacles come midway. You can effectively ignore them.


Now, start visualizing yourself enjoying what do you want to become or what do you want to have. Visualization is a signal to your subconscious mind to find effective ways to reach your goals and keep you committed to that dream. This is the necessary step to bring your goal to fruition. But what you will find is that you will experience far less resistance moving forward, and this will help you to effectively generate the momentum you need to pursue your goal with more freedom. Visualize yourself having the job you want, the money you want or the relationships you want.


So in a nutshell, in order to achieve anything in life, you have to decide what do you want, keep it precise, believe it can be achieved, write them down in the present tense and start visualizing. OK, now, do you think these steps are enough to achieve anything? Never. You are bound to follow your subconscious mind. You have to listen to the subconscious mind. It’ll help you to figure out most effective methods that you can implement to achieve your goal. Now you have a well thought, well-prepared action plan. You have to act on it. Practice it every day. Visualize your dream very often. It’ll keep you motivated and committed to practicing the instructions given by the subconscious mind. Remember, You can’t achieve anything valuable without hard work.

Revisit Your Goal

If You regularly revisit your goal, It’ll keep your subconscious mind motivated and it”ll inspire you to keep up to date with practice. You should do a research, track the progress and put necessary changes to your strategies to get maximum possible output.

Goals Must match your values

Suppose you are a lock. A key with similar designs that match your design is needed to unlock you. Did you understand what I mean? The goal is a key to unlock your potential. But what kind of Key? Its designs should match the designs inside you. Your values, beliefs, lifestyle, priorities and other goals are the designs inside you. If congruence doesn’t exist between your goal and your values, beliefs, lifestyle, and interests, then no matter how badly you may want to have this goal in your life, you will fail. What you can do is to either change your goal or work on your self-ideal. Can you change your values, beliefs or lifestyle? Nearly Impossible, right? All you can do is to find your unique key, the unique goal to unlock you. Without this adjustment, you can’t unlock yourself to tap the ultimate potential within you.

My Goal Setting Experience

Goal setting and visualization is extremely helpful to reach our goals. Now, you may ask, have you ever set any goals and achieve them? Yes, of course, I have benefited from setting goals. I keep a goal book and I’ve written all my short term goals and long term goals in it. But it’s a top secret.
Here I’m going to show you how I achieved one of my short term goals by time-bound goal setting and visualization. It’s about learning English. In 2014 I realized the importance of learning English. In this business driven, technology driven society the English language can play an important role in your success. There is a wide audience in front of you. You can’t reach your products and services to this English speaking audience unless you know English.
When I first realized this, I was very weak in the English language. I didn’t have a good vocabulary, good pronunciation, zero knowledge in grammar, why more I was a big failure in understanding an English newspaper. But at the end of 2014, I got a chance watch Les Brown’s goal setting workshop. I got really motivated.

How I set Goal

I bought a new book. Started figuring out my passions, my inner calling. I started writing down all my goals in that new book. I set learning English as a short term goal and drew some pictures and colored it to make it attractive. Then I started visualizing myself reading English newspapers, speaking English with native speakers, writing articles, watching and enjoying English comedy movies. Yes, visualization paid.
My subconscious mind slowly started finding ways to achieve my goal. I started browsing Google how to master the English language. I got thousands of ideas to reach my goal. I’ll soon create another video to explain those old tricks and tips I used to learn English. Learning English is a long term process. It won’t happen overnight. Still, I’m committed to practice every day.
What I learned from my own experience is that, if we have a precise goal, ability to visualize and a time-bound commitment, we can achieve anything. Now decide what you want to accomplish. Then ask yourself these questions,
What could I potentially gain by achieving this goal?
What will achieving these goals allow me to do for myself and others?
How will it change me as a person?
Do this goal add value to my life?
How will that make me feel?
Ask yourself these questions. If you are satisfied with your answers, Go ahead.
Believe in yourself. You have tremendous power to achieve anything that you want. That’s why Alexander the Great said, “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” Thanks for watching.

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