How to Make Solar Mobile Charger (With Pictures and Video)

The only thing that I can predict about you is, you have experienced frustration at least once in your lifetime because of the low battery charge in your mobile phone. Am I right? But ever since I experienced it, I started to think about a portable Solar mobile charger. Solar power is everywhere. We don’t want to look here and there to find a power plug. Just plug in the solar charger to the phone.

Nowadays, solar power is gaining increased attention. As a result Cost of solar panels has declined dramatically. Solar power is renewable and it doesn’t have any environmental impact. If we can implement renewable energy sources, especially solar power in each and every field from small scale industries to the defense we can reduce global warming and stop the dangers of climate Change. Solar mobile charger.

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Solar mobile charger
Solar Powered mobile Phone charger
Let’s Make a Solar mobile Charger today. I have uploaded a video on youtube about this project. You can watch that video at the end of this Project. It is a low-cost project. You can buy each and every parts online.

Parts of Solar mobile Charger


1. Solar panel 6V
You can buy solar panels online at cheap rates. It costs Less than 10$. The Solar panel is the most important part of this project. So buy a quality product from amazon.
Solar panel 6v
Solar panel 6
2. Rechargeable Batteries 4*1.2v and holder
The output of a solar power is not constant. The main disadvantage of solar power is that it may not be able to provide enough power for our application in cloudy days. To overcome  thisproblem I have included a set of rechargeable batteries in the project design. So we can recharge the battery inside the charger  and make it available later.
Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable Battery
3. Diodes IN4007


A diode is an electrical device allowing current to move through it in one direction with far greater ease than in the other. The most common kind of diode in modern circuit design is the semiconductor diode, although other diode technologies exist. Buy IN4007 Silicon Diode (any diode will work)


Diode IN4007
4. Capacitor 10nf
The output of a solar panel may not be constant. Any small fluctuations may affect the efficient charging of the mobile phone battery. To overcome this problem we can use a 10nf capacitor  in parallel to the circuit.
5. Switch, EP sockets, Male sockets connecting Wires

Tools to make a Solar Mobile Charger


1. Soldering Iron (optional)


Joining the leads of the components is important because any loose connection may reduce the efficiency and cause  wastage of energy. So use a soldering iron to connect leads together.
Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron
2. Multimeter (optional)


A Multimeter is an instrument designed to measure electric current, voltage, and usually resistance, typically over several ranges of value. So you can easily find the anode side of the diode, measure the output voltage, etc.


Analog Multimeter


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Circuit Diagram of Solar Mobile Charger


Solar mobile charger Circuit
Solar mobile charger Circuit


Solar mobile charger
Solar mobile charger Working

How to Make a Solar Mobile Charger: Video
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