Renewable Energy Projects by New Physicist

Why I create renewable energy projects and articles. Energy is what runs the entire world. From living beings to the latest AI technology. Meanwhile, it is the root cause of Earths greatest threat. Climate change. We burn fossil fuels for energy. Burning fossil fuels releases co2 which in turn causes global warming and thus climate change. However many people still believe that climate change is not real and change is inevitable in the world. Whatever it is, this is the right time to do something to provide a secure planet for next generations to come.

We have to develop a sustainable energy source which will sort out all problem. Renewable energy is an option; at the same time, there are other options too. We have to invest a serious amount of money and time to invent or develop such a sustainable energy source. That’s why I created renewable energy-related projects and articles to inspire young minds to come up with there own ideas. Here You can see some renewable energy projects I’ve created so far.

Recently one of my friends asked me, Aromal why are you wasting your time, money and energy making these useless projects? try something new. He is right. I’m not inventing anything. I’m recreating the existing technologies in a different way to motivate young minds to create something new. Am I right? Who knows. But I’m pretty sure that I love to do it. To me, it is only that matters. Life means doing what you love to do and enjoy financial freedom between waking up and going to bed. That’s it for today. If you enjoyed this post. Share it with your friends. 


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