Best Solar Water Heater DIY Tutorial

Hi welcome back to newphysicist In this post in going to share a simplest method to make a simple solar water heater. It can be used in your office or home to provide you with continuous supply of hot water. You can make this project for school science Fair or for teaching purposes.

A copper pipe is the main component of this solar water heater. You will get an old one from a air conditioner. Or you can buy a new one from Amazon.

We know that black color can absorb almost all wavelength of solar radiation. So the next step is painting the copper pipe with Back spray paint. Buy Black spray paint from here.

Create a framework for holding the copper pipe using plywood and reepper. Place the copper pipe on the plywood, enclose it with glass and seel the solar heater. Now the main component is ready.

Take a plastic bottle. Make holes as shown in the video. Connect plastic pipe to the holes using silcon or anabond. Make sure the joint is leak proof.

Step by step Guide

  1. Cut a 2*2 feet square piece of plywood.
  2. Cut a 2*2 Feet piece of Glass 4mm thickness
  3. Cut 2*2 feet piece of aluminium sheet.
  4. Fit aluminum sheet on plywood using reeper.
  5. Paint 15m copper Pipe (0.25 inch Diameter) in Black.
  6. Place copper pipe on plywood.
  7. Enclose the system with glass.
  8. Take a bottle and connect two pipes as shown in the figure.
  9. Connect a tap to the bottle cap.
  10. Make a stand using GI pipe. Watch video.

Place solar heater and water container on the stand. Pour water into the bottle. Place the entire system in sunlight. Solar water Heater is ready.


Tell me more about your Project!!

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