Energy security is a key element in building a well developed and strong Nation. Despite petroleum products are very expensive, they are running out of us. Renewable energy sources are the only bridge to cross over the energy crisis. That's why we believes alternative energy can build a energy sustained world.

There are several renewable energy sources, for example: solar power, wind power, ocean energy etc, but they are inefficient, expensive and intermittent. New technologies need to be developed in order to avoid these limitations.

There are several ongoing researches to make renewable energy more efficient, less expensive and less intermittent. Energy-physics.com tracks each and every developments in the energy world to provide our readers a fresh and clear content. Its our vision to keep every one updated with latest energy technologies and developments.

Who is behind Energy Physics

Energy Physics is a non-profit website owned by Aromal Karuvath from India! He is very passionate about Energy Sustainability. He started to explore the energy world since 2011. He utilizes spare time to read, write and share energy related stuffs. Follow Him on Social media to get Regular Energy updates:

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